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Monthly Parent Small Groups (by age)

I offer groups for parents of children of specific ages in a variety of groups. Most groups are currently active. Please see the "calendar" for days and times. And fill out the form below to sign up. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you!

$50 per session
It is preferred that you make a commitment of at least 3 months when you join, please.

Join a parent group

Which parent group would you prefer?
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Thank you for registering. We will be in touch with details!

Free Parent Group (Not by age)

mo parent mtg aso with synergyFINAL.png

In coordination with the Autism Society of Oregon, I have volunteered to offer a FREE parent group for the state of Oregon. We now have over 500 signed up from across the state. However, we only ever have about 10-20 people any given month. Join us to feel connected to the greater autism parenting community. We do introductions then a mini-lecture of the month then into breakout rooms according to your child's age.

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