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Reflection & Planning for the Year

Reflection & Planning for the Year


I've been offering this to clients lately and thought I would share with you. It can be helpful to start planning discussions by reflecting on the past first. We don't do that enough, reflecting on where we have been, how far we have come. It can really set the stage in a more positive light than just "what do you want to do with your life?" type of questioning that is not only overwhelming but extremly anxiety producing - which can stall the planning before it even starts. 


Download these two sheets and either use them for a verbal conversation with it present visually OR consider writing things in as you discuss them (for later contemplation). 


Tips to guiding someone in reflection and planning:

  • Decide on time and location to work on them together collaboratively
  • Find a place that has very few distractions
  • Go slowly
  • Explain, give examples, but do not give answers! You can "narrow the field" on a question but try really hard to stay away from giving leading answers that then will not be the person's authentic voice. If this starts happening, say "I really want your thoughts here," and slow way down. 
  • Give plenty of processing time. You may have to come and go from these forms many times over many days. That is okay! This may be new thinking for someone who hasn't really been involved in this type of reflection and planning before.
  • Enjoy. Let them surprise you. That's the best part.


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