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Our Mission

1. To help Autistics feel seen, supported, and appreciated for their authentic selves

2. To help Non-Autistics learn to connect with and support Autistics without inadvertently sending the message that Autistics need to change or be fixed

Our Approach

Synergy Autism Center's leading Autism Specialist, Barb, draws from 30+ years of professional experience and a wealth of knowledge in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Early Childhood Development. She aims to help you have more fulfilling and harmonious connections with the autistics in your life by coming to understand how the Autistic nervous system works and how to balance presuming competence with respecting both their limits and your own. Beyond her expertise, her kind heart and warm personality shine brilliantly through her work, strengthening this approach to create an uplifting and motivating effect.

Through working with Barb, you'll gain practical, science-based tools and practices that you can employ in your daily, personal life or work environment. She trains companies and organizations, speaks at conferences and other events, and hosts parent groups.


Private Training

Barb helps a variety of agencies and professionals create more inclusive environments by offering interactive trainings, presentations, and consulting services.

In professional settings, coming to understand the similarities and differences between how Autistics and Non-Autistics process the world will enable you to put more robust supports in place. You'll also be better equipped for safe, healthy, and productive interactions, paving the way for success and fulfillment.

Find out how Barb can support your team or office with a private training

Public Training
for Friends, Family, Autistics, Aids and Other Professionals

Synergy Autism Center offers a variety of training opportunities that are open to anyone wanting to understand autism and improve their relationships. These trainings change throughout the year but if you miss one, don't fret! Some do return at a later date and/or may have a recording available for purchase in our shop

Parent Groups

Join a Synergy Autism Parent Group to receive expert guidance for common issues and needs associated with Autism. These are online meetings full of connection with other parents with similarly aged children. This is an excellent option for parents seeking support in a small group format. As Barb knows that each parent is an expert on their own child and has so much to share with others, sessions are offered in a conversational style to explore each parent's experiences. You'll also have the chance to seek Barb's professional insight and support as you're invited to celebrate your successes and/or to smooth over rough engagements. To reserve your spot, click on the image associated with the age range that fits your needs.

Check Our Events Calendar for Other Opportunities Such As Board Gaming Socials and Events Held In Partnership with Organizations

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