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Individual and Family
Support & Coaching

Individual and Family Support & Coaching is the heart and soul of Barb's business. Barb goes above and beyond for each and every client she has the pleasure to meet and support. 

Sometimes it takes time to get scheduled here and/or elsewhere. In the meantime, if you are a parent, please consider accessing the parent groups. They are a great way to meet Barb and see if her approach would be a good fit for you and/or her family.

Please note: Barb does not take insurance and is not currently taking any county/K-Plan or brokerage clients at this time.

Who is at the heart of Synergy Autism?


Barbara Avila, M.S. is the family autism and behavioral consultant for Synergy Autism Center. She provides education and guidance for individuals and their families experiencing autism. 


Ultimate goals: 

For all members of a family, team, organization, or other group to feel seen and heard. To do this, we must be curious and regulated.... so these are commonly first steps in our work together.


Common initial goals with parents of children of all ages: 

  • Parent health and well-being

  • Couple health and well-being

  • Setting family/household rules and providing consistency

  • Understanding behavior as communication and how to replace behaviors

  • Understanding the basics of autistic processing and how that may relate to yourself or your child(ren)

  • Understanding joint attention and curiosity (essential for social reciprocity)

  • How to provide organizational and visual supports in your home

  • How to speak and engage with your child of any age so that the child feels validated and a sense of personal agency 

  • Guiding your child in leisure, play and/or independence

  • Tracking and ensuring progress

  • Advocating for your child in the community and in school/work


Common initial targets for teens and/or adults:

  • Self awareness and understanding

  • Relaxing into a co-regulated state of social reciprocity with someone

  • Calming strategies

  • Setting and following through with personal goals of employment, career, living more independently, and relationships

If you are ready, you can use my online scheduling system to find a time for us to chat for 1 hour. During that hour, I will hear what you are seeking right now and share how I might be able to help (or I can usually make referrals).

If you are not ready, consider taking one of my online courses or attending one of my parent groups (if you are a parent).

I look forward to seeing you soon!


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