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FOR PROFESSIONALS: Understanding Your Own Autism

  • 52Weeks
  • 50Steps


THIS COURSE IS FOR PROFESSIONALS TO USE WITH THEIR CLIENTS/PATIENTS. I have designed this course for Autistic adults to complete on their own however many either require or it would be helpful to have guidance along the way. Therefore, this course is for you (their counselor, coach, parent, or friend) to use to guide them in their journey to better understanding their own Autism. I know that not everyone is an Autism specialist and this course can help you better understand the Autistic experience alongside the individual learning about their own Autism. It is meant to be that 2 for 1 opportunity! And as I do in my practice, I speak directly to the Autistic individual rather than about them. So this course is designed for you to set up the computer for you to view together. You can start and stop the videos, review the questionnaires, and discuss what resonates with the individual at your own pace. If your patient and/or client is waiting for an evaluation to determine whether they have autism or have received the diagnosis but are not sure what it means, you will find information here to help you both. You will both gain an understanding of: -What the diagnosis entails -The pros and cons of an official diagnosis -Their sensory and emotional profile including what may be helpful for you and others to know -Their communication profile including what may be helpful for you and others -Disclosure... to whom and why? Included in this course: -Videos of myself and Autistic Adults themselves talking about their own Autism -Questionnaires regarding symptoms and characteristics that may or may not fit -A workbook to download with additional information, questionnaires, and worksheets with visuals -They will have the option to fill out a full profile for their own reflection and/or sharing with others. Included for you, as a professional -Introductory video to the course to orient you -3 office hours per year to ask your specific questions about using the course

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