Synergy Groups

We are here to connect you with other members of the autism community. There are others who are experiencing life in similar ways and we think it is soothing, informative and often life changing to meet in that place of commonality. From there, we share how our experiences are the same or different... taking from it what we wish, need, or what will feed us to grow.

$50 per session
(contact me though if costs are an issue)
Do not pay until a spot is confirmed for you.


Monthly Parent Groups

I offer groups for parents of children of specific ages in a variety of groups. Ones that are currently forming are:

Under 5 year olds

13-18 year olds

18-25 year olds

Groups that are currently active are:

6-12 year olds

26+ year olds

$50 per session
(contact me though if costs are an issue)
Do not pay until a spot is confirmed for you. Please click the button below to indicate your interest so I can place you successfully in a group.

Free Parent Group

mo parent mtg aso with synergyFINAL.png

In coordination with the Autism Society of Oregon, I have volunteered to offer a FREE parent group for the state of Oregon. We now have over 500 signed up from across the state. However, we only ever have about 10-20 people any given month. Join us to feel connected to the greater autism parenting community. We do introductions then a mini-lecture of the month then into breakout rooms according to your child's age.

Monthly Professionals Group

This group's mission is to connect with one another to support, guide, answer questions, and grow together in our own professions within the greater world community. Barb comes with a topic for each session and moderates the discussion however, she is just one person. We grow and thrive together in our collective wisdom. Join us.

Suggested donation: $50 per session but pay as you wish either by telling others to join us or by actively participating. I welcome everyone wishing to build bridges within our communities.

Your donation goes towards advertising this group world wide, scheduling, and providing facilitation for the hour together.


Monthly Autistic Adult Groups

We believe that connecting with others who have similar processing can help us better understand ourselves. We meet monthly not just as autistics but as humans wishing to connect over news, politics, gaming, history, and more.

Once we have at least 3 people for a group, I will send an email inviting you to the group. 

$50 per session
(contact me though if costs are an issue)
Do not pay until a spot is confirmed for you.

Couples Groups

If you are looking for information and understanding about how autism affects your relationship with your partner, please join us. Couples of all ages and gender combinations welcome. We will form groups once we have at least 3 couples in your age range. Please indicate your interest below and we will let you know when one seems perfect for you.

All groups are $50/session.