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Curious about your own autism?

I am very excited to be working diligently on a course for adults who may be waiting in the long wait lists for diagnosis... or those who have received a diagnosis in adulthood but don't quite know what to do with it.

I have heard you. I know that people are out there who are trying to navigate the mixed up information about autism out there. Maybe you are a parent of a child who has received the diagnosis. Maybe you are a relative, friend, colleague, or simply have seen a few articles about Autism. There are wonderful Autistic content creators who I support and appreciate so very much. That said, I haven't yet seen something out there that lays out exactly what it means to get an official diagnosis, what the pros and cons may be and how to share that information with others in one's life from employers to peers and family members.

I am putting together a workbook to allow participants to personalize the course along with videos, handouts, resources, and even an online forum to connect with others wondering the same questions. And once per week, I will be hosting an online office hour for course participants to ask their own personal questions with a maximum of 4 other participants.

I am currently sitting chair of a subcommittee on Navigating An Autistic Life with the Oregon Autism Commission: We are actively researching and surveying Autistic individuals and their families about the needs for someone to help them navigate the sea of services and accommodations. In the meantime, I am working to offer this to individuals, medical professionals, counselors, parents, loved ones, and others to truly understand what it means to identify as Autistic.

If you'd like to learn more and even purchase at our pre-sale price, click HERE.

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