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Seeing Autism: Connection Through Understanding

Seeing Autism: Connection Through Understanding

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When a person feels seen, they thrive and can share their best selves with the world. Seeing Autism guides professionals, community members, significant others, and parents to create environments that facilitate and allow autistics to join in partnerships. This book also helps autistics understand themselves and what they may need to feel safe, secure, and healthy in relationships. Seeing Autism pulls from the most current research on the core issues of autism and the voices of autistics themselves. By taking a developmental approach to social engagement, you will learn how to provide foundational practice for lifelong learning and relationships for yourself or someone you know of any age and any ability.

Seeing Autism will help you to:
-Understand the core issues of autism and why they need to be our focus with and for autistic children, teens, and adults
-Learn how to create environments that ideally and respectfully address sensory needs
-Engage with someone with autism in ways that help them feel respected, seen, and celebrated for who they are at their core


    This book is a portal into a deep understanding of autism in a way you may not have realized was possible. While I do not have autism myself, I stand beside the amazing human beings who process the world differently and share what I have learned to value, celebrate, and recognize. 


    I do not provide refunds but encourage you to pass the book along to someone in your life who may find the book helpful.


    I personally sign and package up the book for you. If you have any special instructions, please let me know. I send via book/media rate to save costs.

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