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Public Training

These workshops form a series and are available to anyone wanting to better understand Autism. You may take them consecutively or jump in where ever makes sense for you!

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Understanding Autism

Foundations of Autism

By better understanding the experience of autism, you know more how to engage and respect Autistic individuals. This workshop is 2 hours long and can be tailored to your group. To experience this as a live training, please visit our Private Training page.

If you'd like a recorded version of this training, head over to our shop and stay tuned for new training opportunities!

Engaging Autistics

Top 10 Techniques

Dive deeper in understanding how to engage Autistic individuals of any age. In this workshop, you'll learn evidence based techniques. 

If you'd like a recorded version of this training, head over to our shop and stay tuned for new training opportunities!

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Motivating Autistics

For Teens & Adults

This workshop will help bolster your attempts to motivate an Autistic by teaching you how to avoid placing blame and shame.

Caring For Yourself

Self-Care for Autistics And Anyone In Close Relations With Them; Caregivers, Partners, Mentors, Employers Etc.

Self-care can not be overlooked in any support plan or partnership. We all want what's best for those we care about and, truth be told, caring for ourselves goes an incredible distance in helping to make sure that happens. Come and learn how to honor own regulation needs.

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