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Helping people understand the experience of Autism.
Helping Autistic Individuals thrive by being understood and valued.

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Synergy Autism provides trainings to professionals, families and teams in many ways including self-paced online prerecorded workshops to in-person live and/or online sessions.

Individual families to corporate teams can benefit from understanding the experience of autism through ideal ways to ensure optimal learning, engagement, and connection in relationships, education, community, and/or workplace. Contact Barb directly to design a training just right for your team.

We offer several groups for parents based on the age range of your children. Our most popular is our FREE parent group that is offered once per month in collaboration with the Autism Society of Oregon. The is a great way to get to know Barb and her style as well as connect with other parents. 

Parent groups are also offered in a smaller and more personalized online session by age of your child. Age ranges vary so let Barb know if you are seeking a particular age if you do not see it listed.



In this book, you will find insight into the autistic mind along with essentials to build relationships. I extend the invitation to get to know autism at a new level. You will learn that it is through seeing autism that you can form bonds. We all wish to be truly seen by those we love, who guide us and nourish us. All of my recommendations are based on current neuroscience studies, developmental research, evidence-based practices, discussions with adults on the autism spectrum, and my thirty-plus years of experience. I have been blessed to have befriended, worked with, and guided more people than I can count who have autism or some variation of it. I am uniquely positioned with my advanced degree in early development and my extensive experience with autistics of all ages to bring to you this guide for establishing the foundations of social engagement for those on the autism spectrum. My wish for you is to better understand autism processing so that you, too, can see the beauty of autism within someone you know.

With gratitude,

Barbara Avila

What People Are Saying

“The most balanced, insightful, encouraging and inspiring book I have read on Autism. I can’t wait to share its actionable advice with our son, family, friends and support team. This book is a game changer. Finally a book that truly understands people with Autism and shows us how we can empower them to advocate for themselves at any age and developmental stage.”

-Corinna Gilligan, Mother and Business Owner

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