Serving individuals, families, and the community

Man Walking in Fields
Man Walking in Fields

Individualized Sessions

If you are an autistic individual, family member, foster parent, neighbor, grandparent, partner, spouse, or friend... I can help you better understand autism in yourself or the autistic individual in your life. Sessions are personalized to you and where you are in your understanding from the basics through to ensuring the building blocks for quality relationships now and in the future.

Monthly Groups Online

Connect with others with autism in your age range, or other parents, caregivers, or professionals. We offer groups as a great way to both build community and strengthen your understanding, acceptance, and growth with autism as a neurodiversity full of complexity worth knowing.



Stay tuned for specific workshops for specific groups! I will be doing one for new families, another for those wishing to support families more effectively, and yet another to counselors wishing to better connect with their clients. Have a request? Please let me know! I'd love to add it!

Parent workshop series participant

"The topics were very in tune with what we needed help with. The small group size allowed for open discussion and time to ask specific situational questions. I liked that while a lot of what was discussed validated some things we'd already started to implement, it helped (a) make us feel more confident in doing so and (b) there were always a handful of things that were new and sparked some really good ideas and awesome things for us to try at home."